Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Covid-19 Statement (update 24/3/2020)

Medix21 is committed to all stakeholders and understands the seriousness of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation.  We are and encourage everyone to follow the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health and the NZ Government.

Medix21 is involved in the delivery of an essential service, it will continue to deliver assistive technology and related services to disability and health clients. We are committed to:

  • Keep our people, their families and all stakeholders safe
  • Maintain guideline Ministry of Health hygiene standards in all aspects of our business
  • Adopt and enforce complete compliance with the Covid-19 alert level 4 with most staff observing the 4 week self-isolation period
  • Maintain a core workforce to complete the delivery of essential services and where possible deliver tele-services
  • Minimising contact and practice social distancing
  • Communicate effectively and regularly update on Covid-19 issues, if in doubt please call

Ministry of Health Guidelines