SpeechVive is a wearable speech device allowing you to speak louder and more clearly, every time you talk. It’s automatic and eliminates the need for intensive therapy.


SpeechVive is a wearable speech aid for Parkinson’s patients that automatically triggers the brain to speak louder, slowly, and clearly every time they communicate.

Eliminates the need for intensive therapy providing an alternative to traditional behavioural weeks-long programs.


Find out if SpeechVive Will Work for You by taking the Parkinson’s Voice Test

The Apple iOS app simulates the SpeechVive device and shares your results.

Download the free SpeechVive app to try it for yourself.

Download the SpeechVive App from the Apple App Store

Tips for a fantastic app experience:

1 Headphones Matter
Use corded headphones with an inline microphone like the pair provided with your Apple device. Pro tip: just put one (1) earbud in your ear to simulate for best results. If you’re using a Bluetooth headset, please note that the sound played in your ear may be louder than the SpeechVive device would play.
2 Quiet Environment
The app will take measurements of your voice volume. It’s key to be somewhere quiet to limit interference from background noise.
3Complete the Form
Complete the form in the app to receive information from SpeechVive.

How is SpeechVive different from the other Parkinson’s speech therapy programs?

Often, when your patient gets a Parkinson’s diagnosis, it leads to a schedule of doctor visits and high-intensity therapy programs. SpeechVive leverages a reflex that cues louder speech automatically and immediately.

Less time in therapy focused on speech volume improvement. Immediate results for your patients requiring less of a cognitive and physical load when speaking.