SB6W Roll-inBuddy SOLO (SB6W)

SB6W Roll-inBuddy SOLO

SB6W Roll-inBuddy SOLO
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The SB6 series mobile shower chair from Showerbuddy is perfect for roll-in bathrooms. It can roll straight over the toilet and into the shower, reducing manual handling and transfers for caregivers. This chair is available with 4 locking caster wheels (model sb6c) or with 24” wheelchair wheels (model SB6w) for those who want more control. Numerous accessories are available to enhance user comfort. The SB6 chair is also lightweight, durable and has a lifetime warranty on the frame.


SB6-W Technical Information

Overall length including footrests 1060mm
Overall length without footrests 830mm
Overall width (over hand rim) 705mm
Back width 440mm
Backrest height from seat 350mm
Maximum toilet height clearance 495mm
Inside arm to arm width 460mm
Seat dimensions 475mm W x 429mm D
Seat height from floor 570mm - 595mm
Commode seat hole 180mm W x 330mm L
Popliteal length (seat to footrest)

410mm - 510mm



Product Features



136kg weight capacity





Rolls over standard toilets and ADA approved toilets

Low maintenance Removable / lockable / foldaway arms
Height adjustable Full aluminium frame (Grade 6061)
Stainless steel hardware (Grade 3061-T) Removable / fold away / adjustable footrests
Lap or chest belts 100mm fully locking casters
Commode system with deflector guard Tool-less assembly

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