SB7c Roll-InBuddy Eco (SB7c)

SB7c Roll-InBuddy Eco

SB7c Roll-InBuddy Eco
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The SB7c-17 shower chair comes with steel case caster wheels coated with corrosion resistant zinc, a soft blow molded cushion with front opening and flip up footrests. The SB7c-17 Roll-InBuddy Eco has a 1-year limited warranty.




- Weight capacity - 120kg (265lb) - Rolls over most standard toilets
- Low to medium maintenance
- Arms - fixed arms
- Height – Fixed height
- Footrests – flip up
- Corrosion resistant Aluminum frame (Grade 6061 T6) - Stainless steel parts and hardware (Grade 304)
- Caster Wheels - 100mm (4”) rear wheels locking
- Commode system
- Tools required for easy assembly

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